I wonder if the banks wonder why people hate them?

So I was set to phone home tonight, except I’m out of credit on Skype. No problem! With my futuristic money applying device, the Credit Cardâ„¢, I can just refill my account instantly and be chatting away in no time.

Except that Skype are refusing my card. In fact, all my cards. As did Blizzard, and as did O’Reilly a month or so back.

This perplexes me. How is that three completely independent companies can refuse all my credit cards, spanning banks on two continents? And how is that these same cards work flawlessly with everyone else? Is there some kind of secret CIA blacklisting of me for very select purchases? “It’s of utmost importance to national security that Wade Tregaskis not be allowed to use Skype or read books online! What? Oh no, let him buy whatever he wants otherwise… it’s just those ebooks we really need to be worried about.”

Now I’m going to have to ring the bank, and sit on hold for hours, and pretend not to be irritated at “Jeff” from “Minnesota” with the Indian accent when he does finally bother to answer.

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