I guess I really am over iPhones

In summary, I’m really not impressed with the new iPhones.  Not that I’ve ever really liked the iPhone that much, but I’ve always at least thought that the new one each year was an actual upgrade.  Make no mistake, shipping ARM64 in a phone of all things before anyone else has even put it into a computer or server is pretty impressive.  But otherwise, there’s not really a whole lot new here.  Fingerprint sensor… ehh.  What else even is there?  A cheap version with a tacky plastic case and some nasty pastel colours, and “Champagne”.  Great, now my phone can match my Honda Accord.

And a set of cases that look cheap and like they were designed without even a cursory glance at the actual phone they go around.  The way the holes on the back don’t match what’s actually on the back of the iPhone, and is seen through them, reeks of the same lack of actual deliberate design – or abject failure of design – that iOS 7 stinks of.

So, sad.  Plus no new iPads, iMacs or anything actually interesting.  A whole lot of waiting for a date just to be disappointed.

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