How well do you know your macOS keyboard shortcuts?

macOS keyboard shortcuts quiz


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Some important notes before we begin:

• This quiz assumes default system settings on macOS 14 Sonoma with a generic Apple English keyboard and locale.

• This quiz considers only native Mac behaviour.

• You can click ‘Next’ without selecting an answer, but that skips the question and counts as a wrong answer in your final score.

• You cannot change your choice after clicking / tapping an answer.


Now, before we begin for real, let’s make sure you understand how quizzes work.  Do you understand how quizzes work?

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What does this symbol mean:

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What does this symbol mean:

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What does this symbol mean:

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What does this symbol mean:

It’s been the same shortcut since the original Macintosh.

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How do you take a fullscreen screen shot?

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How do you cycle through open applications (in order from most recently used to least)?

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How do you minimise the active window?

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How do you insert an ellipsis (…)?

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What does this do in the Finder:


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In a native Mac program, how do you hyperlink the selected text (where applicable)?

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What do these do:

⌥⌘C / ⌥⌘V

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How do you type the  symbol?

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How do you cycle through open windows within the active application?

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How do you show the dictionary definition of the selected word (or phrase)?

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In a native Mac application, the Home key moves the focus point to the beginning of the…

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When clicking a disclosure triangle in a hierarchical list view, what modifier causes it to expand / contract the target item and all its children recursively?

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How do you jump to your Documents folder in the Finder?

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How do you cycle through find results in reverse order?

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What is the traditional Mac way to cancel an operation?

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What modifier key do you use to show a Spotlight file result in the Finder?

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What does this do:


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How do you record a video of the screen (or a subset thereof)?

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In a native Mac app, how do you toggle full screen mode?

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With the cursor at the start of a word, how do you select the word?

It sometimes doesn’t work if you use a Windows keyboard.

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On a PowerPC or Intel Mac, what do you hold down after hitting the power button in order to enter recovery mode?

It’s not the same as on PPC and Intel Macs.

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On an Apple Silicon Mac, what do you hold down after hitting the power button in order to select the startup disk?

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In the Finder, what can this do (depending on what is selected – choose all that apply):


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How do you bring up the Character Viewer (also known as the Character Picker, Unicode Picker, or Emoji Picker)?

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In a text field, what does ⌃E do?

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What does this do:


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How do you paste text as “plain text” (adopting the existing style at the insertion point, rather than any styling from the original cut or copied text)?

If you encounter any answers you believe are incorrect, please comment below.

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