Exercise, more good work ethic and some BSD fun

  1. Walked to uni and back. I only have one class on Wednesday’s, at noon, so I can afford the extra time to walk down there and back, and save myself a few dollars on a tram ticket. As it turns out, the class was cancelled. D’oh. So, I rested for a few minutes, then walked back. 🙂

    I’ve been very slack with exercise lately. While I do eat reasonably well, and don’t too often over-indulge myself as I used to in college, I have put on more weight than I’d like. And I’m no longer as fit as I used to be – I’ve been taking every excuse to jog, but I still can’t go more than a few hundred metres in one stretch. Pretty terrible. So it was good to actually get out and have a good walk. Plus it’s refreshing to be out of the house for a bit, even if it is alongside half a dozen lanes of noisy, smelly traffic.
  2. Again, spent most of the day working on my ARC assignment for uni. Found a couple of key bugs – some silly, some design – which I’m happy to have fixed. I even think I’ve got one design flaw sorted out which dineroIV exhibits, although I didn’t give it the benefit of the doubt with another issue, and wasted a good hour or two of my time looking for a problem with it, rather than my own code. D’oh.

    Same reasons as before – I really like it when I spend a lot of time doing work, and not feeling bad about it. I’m not really forcing myself at this point – I really like this assignment, and I’m interested in what the results will be. Always a plus.
  3. Installed FreeBSD 5.4 on Damien’s old Celeron box. This was one of those tasks I could have put off for weeks, possibly forever. But now I’ve done it, and have learnt how to install FreeBSD. The installation was fairly painless… one senseless bug in the installer relating to disk partitioning, but that eventually vaporised on it’s own. Go figure.

    I really want to play more with the traditional (i.e. non-MacOS) *nix’s, to get a feel for how to install and manage them. I’ve done plenty of Linux development, but very little system management. I’m happy now that it’s done – tomorrow I’ll try to get VLC or MPlayer running on it, and hook it up to the TV as well to see how that goes… FreeBSD doesn’t seem to graphically savvy – it doesn’t bother with any of that silly GUI stuff at all unless you explicitly startx, so… could be fun. 😄

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