D’oh, and I just bought another hard disk!

I decided to kill the old eDrive I had on one of my portable disks, since from memory I created it under Panther anyway, and with all my spare hard disks and so forth I don’t think it gives me any advantage.

Anyway, TechTool Pro originally created the eDrive by splicing it into an existing partition map on the external disk, stealing 5 gig from one of the partitions. That was all fine. When I deleted it, it tried to undo it’s operation. In fact, it was so unbelievably successful, I would never have to buy disk storage again! I could run my own Gmail, and everyone’s invited!

That’s right – not only do I have 16 TB of space available, but since apparently my 80 files (350 meg DivX’s, each of them) take up 0 bytes, I do in fact have infinite space!

Nothing I did seemed to phase it. I deleted a file, so the number of files went down to 79, but no other changes. Awesome.

It would have been interesting to see what would happen if I tried to copy, say, 120 gig from one of my other drives, but alas I didn’t really think I’d shattered the laws of physics as we know them, so I deigned to merely reformat the drive instead. Yeah, I know, I’m no fun. :)

Ah well, ’tis a shame, but, whatcha gonna do. On the upside, my 200 GB external drive I bought over the weekend arrived, so I can now resume my acquisition of utter crap. That brings my total storage capacity up to 600 GB, of which about 350 GB is currently in use.

I do have a few specific uses for the new drive in mind – in particular, to store my digital video. That is in fact what I bought the last 200 GB drive for… whoops. :)

200 GB equates to about 186 GiB, which is 925 minutes or so, from memory. Over 15 hours. That’s enough for my whole collection to date.

After that, well, I’ll just have to start filming more so I can fill it up completely. ;)

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