Do we have one of those economy things here as well?

So…. economy, eh? That’s been a boatload of fun and candy the last few weeks. Not that I’ve ever mistaken Apple’s actual performance, prospects, quality or merit with the share price, but it’s nonetheless something I keep an eye on, for shits and giggles if nothing else. Technically and actually I am in fact a shareholder with what I suppose is a substantial investment. (Well, was, until this week.) It still seems kind of intangible, though, which is probably a good frame of mind to keep it in right now. :)

Until just the other week, in fact – before this latest little ruckus – I’d basically forgotten about my shares anyway. Occasionally I do the approximate mental math of figuring out my net fiscal balance, and for the longest time this equation never included said shares.

My blunt point being, … I dunno, just that it’s all kinda funny. :)

In fact my original point was that while everyone here – ‘here’ being the West Coast – is certainly aware that some banks have been falling over each other and some politicians have been unusually comical lately, it just really doesn’t seem like anyone actually cares. If you look at the U.S. stock markets this week compared with 2001 or so, this week’s crash is roughly the same level as the tech bubble bursting, except it’s not confined to the tech industry this time around. So objectively things must be pretty sodding poor right now.

But, if this is what poor is like… well, I’ve just lost a whole lot of respect for them old folk that whine on about their favourite Great Depression… :P

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