But everyone loves comparing LOC

I love historic figures and statistics, regardless of whether there’s a defined purpose for them. Part of my intrinsic instinct to hoard, I guess. :) I’ve been working slowly but steadily on my Keychain framework again, which has been reminding me – if nothing else – that it’s really important to write good code to… Read more

Evil My iTunes

I spent most of this afternoon and evening trying to get the myitunes.swf widget to load it’s actual data from somewhere other than the iTMS. Part of that was writing a fairly simple Cocoa app to generate the XML data I wanted – i.e. a “feed” or my actual favourite music, not a list of… Read more

Hacking “My iTunes”

Disclaimer: I see no harm in doing this as shown below, simply for the sake of changing the colours and [playfully] the strings, but of course don’t be a jackarse and subvert the app for other uses or whatever. Also, if anyone knows a way to use your own CSS and XML files without having… Read more

Playlist Fixer

Now that I have plenty of hard disk space – something I haven’t had for years, but which is a very welcome change (albeit likely to be quite temporary, given how fast it’s being used up) – I decided to move my music back off my iPod. I had to delete the copy on my… Read more

Errors of note

Rob & I have been working on the plane today, which has had some interesting developments and problems. At the onset of dusk we made a last minute dash to a nearby park to get in a flight, given that the wind had finally settled down enough, and although autopilot wasn’t working properly, we figured… Read more

MISO, MOSI, same difference

I think I’ve already ranted on this topic previously, so I’ll try to be brief this time around. We’ve had a fair bit of trouble with various peripherals on the board, particularly the Bluetooth module, due to the extremely sad state of affairs that is technical documentation in general. The latest casualty of dodgy documentation… Read more

Everyone’s too busy calling to answer

Ashley just pointed out a recent blog entry from Wil Shipley, the niche famous author of Delicious Library, titled Frozen in Carbonite. In a nutshell he’s lamenting the lack of good APIs from Apple for some of their more fundamental but less buzzy APIs – Quicktime, the keychain & security stuff, etc. Note that I… Read more