Bron 2

Laz has been given the unfortunate task of Bearer of Bad News, having visited Bron this morning. She’s still with us, but apparently it’s time for everyone to say their goodbyes… the following’s from Laz.

I heard from Brons mum this morning. The word is, say your good byes, she can’t recover from this. I saw her this morning. it was heart breaking
I spoke with the clinical nurse when I was there, she said best we could hope for was massive brain damage.. but the update Crystal got today her body is shutting down, she is too injured.
I think Alcho is with her now, I am taking Steph and Angela with me tonight to see her
I so want her to wake up and bounce back, I really do… but its looking very bleak

I almost tried to brush this off, but it’s not looking good. :( Although, as Laz pointed out:

I wish that were so.. I am just comforted that the last thing she remembers is playing on the beach with her friends

There’s plenty of worse ways to go than that, I guess. Although, then again, there’s not much worse than going this early in her life. :(

I’ll be visiting her soon, today. I hope it’s not the last time I see her.

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