All I know I learnt from IMDB

Ah-ha! I knew it; Enrico Colantoni – better known as Elliot DiMauro on Just Shoot Me – is one of the aliens in Galaxy Quest; so says IMDB. No one else figured it, but I was sure it was him… his physical appearance in Galaxy Quest is a little distorted, but that’s intentional; he is supposed to be a diminutive alien… but you can hear that it’s his voice underneath it all, and see it in his eyes.

Also of note, while my mum thought that the female cohost of the last crap TV show, It Takes Two, was Claire from Lost – which it isn’t; the host is Terasa Livingstone, who doesn’t even get a guest mention in the Lost cast list on IMDB – it did lead me to discover that the actress who plays Claire, Emilie de Raven, used to live right here in Mt. Eliza. Small world. :)

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