Blog like it’s 2005

Screenshot of my .Mac website as it now appears in my resurrected version

On a bit of a whim – a silly tangent off of migrating to a new web host – I resurrected the ‘frozen in time’ copy of my iTools / .Mac / MobileMe HomePage website. You can find it here, for better or worse. My old website dates back to at the latest September 2005… Read more

Migrated hosts & out of the subdomain

Mainly just a note for posterity – after many years of wanting to do it but procrastinating, I’ve finally migrated to a new web host. While I was doing that, I figured it was high time to drop the subdomain, so now it’s just, instead of Blogs are so last year. Previously I… Read more

Amazon increasingly blocking critical reviews

A while back I wrote a review on Amazon for the movie Fury. Long story short it’s one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen in a long time, with cavalier depictions of murder, torture, and rape, but most disturbing of all, a weird Nazi-sympathising subtext. I couldn’t decide if that aspect was editorially brave… Read more

Option-dragging while defining the bounds of a screenshot

I’ve been taking screenshots on Macs for more than thirty years. I thought I was pretty much a power user. I’ve known forever that you can do not just the whole screen (⇧⌘3) but a specific target area (⇧⌘4), and of course the space trick for capturing a window (including menus!). But what I didn’t know is… Read more

Apple’s timing problem

The M1 was announced in November 2020. The M1 Ultra wasn’t announced for another sixteen months, in March 2022. It was clearly late. Very late. The M2 was presumed right around the corner (and it was, released just four months later). Why would anyone buy an M1 Ultra, using a two year old CPU architecture… Read more

Z9 II wishlist

Note: I originally wrote this in early 2022, after a few months with the Z9, but I forgot to actually publish it! I realised this in November 2023, so I corrected that oversight after a quick update (e.g. I originally had a wishlist item for a “portrait-grip-less Z9 without any other changes”, which is basically… Read more