25 Most Played Songs

I figure this might be of interest many years from now, when I try to figure out how many brain cells I lost listening to mindless cacophonous crap. ;)

‘course, I’ve been afraid to write this up for fear of assimilating attributes of any regular MySpace attention-… well, let’s just say “lacking person”… yes, that’s it. Anyway, the primary override of that sentiment, as it turns out, is boredom. Plus I figure it really will be interesting to look back on this later. I still have a CD somewhere with my original music library on it… yep, at a colossal twenty songs or so, you can bet there was big variety there. :D

‘course, now my library weighs in at exactly 3,300 songs, as of today. Although ironically I’m rather bored of a lot of it. I cling to new music with desperation – I’m particularly fond of The Veronicas and James Blunt at the moment – but there’s really just not a lot of good stuff out there in the mass media these days. I shall have to find alternative sources.

In that regard living with Anton was good, because his music collection was pretty orthogonal to mine, and got me into a few new sounds, notably Mindless Self Indulgence. Damien was no good, ’cause his collection was just stolen from me years ago, and Laura, well, if it didn’t contain the words “Radiohead” or “Jeff Buckley” she had no idea.

1. Walkie Talkie Man (Steriogram) – 36 plays
2. Rachel (Taxiride) – 36 plays
3. Not Even The Trees (Hootie & the Blowfish) – 35 plays
4. Slide (Goo Goo Dolls) – 33 plays
5. Sweet Misery (Michelle Branch) – 33 plays
6. Smashing Young Man (Collective Soul) – 32 plays
7. Charmless Man (Blur) – 30 plays
8. Clocks (Coldplay) – 29 plays
9. Bitches (Mindless Self Indulgence) – 29 plays
10. Beautiful Day (U2) – 29 plays
11. Movies (Alien Ant Farm) – 28 plays
12. What’s My Scene? (Hoodoo Gurus) – 28 plays
13. First (Lindsay Lohan) – 28 plays
14. The Noose (The Offspring) – 28 plays
15. How Good It Can Get (The Wallflowers) – 28 plays
16. Precious Declaration (Collective Soul) – 27 plays
17. Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton) – 27 plays
18. It’s Only Natural (Crowded House) – 27 plays
19. Cherry Lips (Garbage) – 27 plays
20. Hold on Me (Grinspoon) – 27 plays
21. The Right Time (Hoodoo Gurus) – 27 plays
22. Everywhere (Michelle Branch) – 27 plays
23. Sugar High (Coyote Shiver) – 26 plays
24. Generator (Foo Fighters) – 26 plays
25. Unwell (Matchbox 20) – 26 plays

These do represent songs that I like, for sure, although they’re probably not what I would have picked myself as a top 25 favourites. I currently have at least 254 songs in my collection that I’d describe myself as loving, so to pick a mere 25 would be difficult and ultimately pretty arbitrary.

For what it’s worth, as of right this moment (half way through a song, in fact), I’ve played 21,914 songs in my library, which altogether have had a total play time of 8 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 20 minutes and six seconds. Cool. :)

As I think I’ve noted before, this is only since I’ve had my iPod, which is about 11 months or so. So, nearly 2/11ths of my life is spent listening to my music library. That’s an awful lot, really, when you think about it.

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