They know me too well

I’ve been talking to Rob this evening about borrowing some tools for use with my thesis – you know, the usual stuff for manipulating electronics; files, drills, etc. Then he says: “I also threw a hammer in the toolbox” My response? “Hehe… you know me too well. :)”

Hey, you’re dead, but at least you’re covered!

You know, this insurance I’ve got is truly top notch. Notably, section 12, which covers me for up to $8000, at $1000 per day, for time spent “forcibly detained on a means of public transport which has been hijacked”. ’cause you know, when I’m sitting in a plane that’s been taken over by terrorists, the… Read more


Back in high school I was part of a big group of people called the “geektree”, named after the tree around which we congregated in the school yard, which was named after us… Richard Stallman would be proud. ;) [Sidenote: I really should document the famous geektree at some point; remind me in a few… Read more

Fearless warriors

Raaaaaaaarrr! Fear the fearsome men of our household, who single-handledly almost killed a spider! It was a huuuuuuge two centimetres long if it was an inch! We are most certainly the bravest warriors in these here parts.

iCal & AddressBook integration

I like the way iCal instantly updates it’s birthdays when you change them in AddressBook. That’s really good – completely painless. While it’s a pretty simple thing, it’s rarely done right, if at all – too many apps only update when you refresh the view, manually update, restart the program, etc… not good. Apple got… Read more