Real-time backup

An idea I had a while ago was to implement a real-time backup system, which saves copies of files as they’re modified to a 2nd location. In the simplest form this would be a kind of manual mirrored RAID setup, which could work at the directory or volume level rather than disk level. The problem… Read more

Admiration and hopeless creativity

Things I’ve done well today: 1) I’m going to cheat to start of with and talk about something good I did last night. A friend’s mother suffered an aneurism several months ago, and was only released from hospital a few weeks ago. Only into a rehabilitation centre, though, not home. My friend has been spending… Read more


I should explain this category before I go full hog into it. I’ve just read an article which looks in quite some detail at the “science of happiness” – in particular how modern psychology is adapting (or, failing) to look at happiness in a more methodical manner. Particularly in relation to “interventions” (treatments), which have… Read more


I had an argument last night with someone as to whether altruism exists or not. Their argument was essentially “of course it does”. They used the example of a car accident they were in a while ago, in which they were very nearly killed, but they still consoled the driver of the other car (whom… Read more

Wasted memory by Foundation & AppKit

It bothers me that the iiUsage menu item, which takes up an entire 50mm^2 on my menu bar, uses 20 meg of memory. All it does it connect to a web server periodically, perform some sort of [probably trivial] parsing to extract it’s numbers, and display those in it’s menu. What on earth does it… Read more

AUC Conference 2005 – The Arrival

I’m going to have to cover this in multiple parts, since there’s so much to write about, and I’m a very verbose writer in any case. Part 1 in your local newsagency for the low starter price of $9.95. ;) The conference was placed in the Wrest Point Hotel in Hobart. Attendees flew in on… Read more