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This is from years ago when I went to the air show with my dad and grandfather, from memory... it was before I had my video camera (2003), so I assume 2001. This is the same camera I had on Central and at Mt. Stromlo, so yeah, the qualities not that good. And I didn't bother taking too many photos, since I knew the result wouldn't be too impressive.

Unknown plane 1.jpg
Unknown plane 1
Unknown plane 2.jpg
Unknown plane 2
Unknown plane 3.jpg
Unknown plane 3
Unknown plane 4.jpg
Unknown plane 4
Guys on plane.jpg
Guys on plane
Groovy stealth bomber (B1).jpg
Groovy stealth bomber (B1)
F111 parked.jpg
F111 parked
F111 Fuel dump.jpg
F111 Fuel dump
F111 Fuel dump 2.jpg
F111 Fuel dump 2