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My scarce few photos from our year 11 Central Australia school trip. It was one of the best trips I've ever been on, which is amazing, because it was with people in my year at school, most of whom I didn't get on with. Yet, somehow, it all worked out.

The camera used was one of those tiny little flat ones you used to see a bit years ago... the film is tiny, and not very good quality. Everything came out over exposed, and very grainy. I reduced the exposure on most of the photos, which cleaned them up well, but I don't like noise reduction generally... so I left them as is.

They were scanned at 300DPI, from memory, from prints roughly normal size. 300DPI was well above the actual DPI of the prints, so I've preserved the film grain exquisitely. ;)

Unknown 3.jpg
Unknown 2.jpg
Unknown 1.jpg
Sunset 2.jpg
Sunset 1.jpg
Space Junk.jpg
Space Junk
Ross River.jpg
Ross River